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This week’s topic is of serious importance, but too many people let it fall by the wayside until it’s too late: Internet Security and File Backup. In this week's podcast, I talk about someone I recently met who spent tons of money on a computer and all the necessary accessories, but didn't spend a dime on Internet Security & Antivirus protection. No amount of discussion could get through to this person, but I'll share some advice that I have from having worked in tech support for many years: SECURE YOUR COMPUTER AND BACK UP YOUR FILES!

The Internet Security and Antivirus Software Recommendations page was set up to help in this area.

After working in tech support for many years, I can tell you from experience, when your hard drive is fried, or you get a virus that locks up your computer to the point where your operating system needs to be reinstalled wiping out all of your files and pictures, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t take the proper precautions earlier. Plus, now that
Internet Security Software and Online Backup are very economically priced, there's no reason not to have a secure and backed up computer system in this day and age.

The best tidbit of advice I could give you on the topic of
Internet Security and Antivirus Software: If you settle for free Antivirus software: Don’t be upset if you get what you pay for!

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