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The difference between Internet Security and Antivirus Software is like the difference between a Car and a Seatbelt in terms of protection, where an Internet Security Suite is more of the “complete package” of Internet Security applications and an Antivirus Software program monitors and protects your computer from viruses. An Internet Security Suite will include an Antivirus Software program as its core, but also has additional protection like a firewall (it restricts others on the internet from accessing your computer or network by refusing certain connection requests) and anti-spyware programs that protect you from spyware and malware programs that seek to take your personal information and may use it for nefarious purposes.

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Of the two choices, an Internet Security Suite is the best choice because it provides the total protection that the average internet user needs in a modern age of web surfing and multimedia downloads. A simple internet search will reveal that there are several free Internet Security and Antivirus Programs that are available to download and install on your computer, but just keep in mind that sometimes with “free”, you get what you pay for, and with Internet Security and Antivirus protection, it’s always better to be “safe” rather than “sorry”. When it comes to choosing an Internet Security or Antivirus program and what you decide you’d like to pay for it, ask yourself the following question: 1) “How much would it cost me (in terms of time and money) if my computer was compromised with a virus or my identity was stolen based on my online activities?”.

For these reasons, we recommend going with an Internet Security Suite or Antivirus Program from a well-known, Internet Security company with a long history of excellent support and stellar reputation. Trend Micro and Symantec’s Norton brand emerge as two trusted, well-respected options to meet your Internet Security and Antivirus Software needs.

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