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Creating a website can be a quick and easy or daunting and cumbersome task, depending on your stress level. Some people choose to forego the stress of building their own website by hiring a web design company or purchasing web publishing services from a company that specializes in online media. Building and publishing your own web site involves a combination of a number of tasks, so here's what you need to know to create and publish an internet website, if you decide to go with the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) option. Or you can visit our How To Build a Blog Tutorial.

Choosing a Domain Name
If you already know the name you’d like for your website, then go ahead and purchase it online now. If you’re still trying to decide on a name or the best name for your site, then give some thought to what will be the main focus of the site, and how best that focus can be conveyed in your domain name. For example, if you’re creating a site about pet grooming tips for senior citizens, then you want to choose a domain name like “www.petgroomingtipsforseniors.com”, as opposed to a catchier “www.oldtimerpettips.com”, because when people search for pet grooming tips for seniors, they’re more likely to use those words as search terms, and not the catchier phrases. Also, having a domain name that is closely related to the content of your site helps improve the site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential.

Web Hosting
Once you’ve chosen a domain name and purchased it, the next step is to secure web hosting for your website. Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that lets you build and maintain your own website on a company’s servers, where you typically pay a monthly or annual fee in exchange for this service. Most companies, like Go Daddy for example, offer domain purchasing in addition to web hosting and other services that let you get your site up and on the web in a fairly short amount of time. (Click here to Save 25% with Yahoo! Web Hosting: Only $7.46/month for the first 3-months of service).

Web Site Design
The next step is designing your website. You can choose to build a site using site design tools provided by your domain and/or web hosting company, or you can choose to use a web editor program like Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS5 to create a site “by hand” using your own web design and graphic skills, or a combination of the two. Some companies, like Go Daddy, offer a number of templates with their Site Building Website Tonight service, that allow you to choose a design, customize it to your liking, and publish it to the web with ease. Other companies, like DreamTemplate, provide a premium template subscription service that gives access to over 1800 professionally designed templates for its members, where you can later upload the files onto your web hosting company’s servers. (Click here to Download 1000's of DreamTemplate web templates now with Unlimited Access!) OR (Click Here to Learn How to Build a Professional Website in Minutes. By the Makers of Quickbooks). Or build a site using WordPress with a customized Wordpress Themes.

Search Engine Marketing
With your domain purchased, web hosting secured, and site designed and uploaded to the web, the next step is getting visitors to your site through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engines, thus allowing internet searchers (i.e. your potential website visitors) to find your site. Increasing visibility in search engines requires a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, and other online marketing tools. Many website owners hire professionals to handle their Search Engine Marketing needs, but for those opting to take the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) route, services like Yahoo! Search Marketing provides detailed instructions and customer support on how to create and maintain a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign. (Click Here to Get a Website and Get Found by Customers).

All-In-One Web Publishing Solutions

Many companies merge their web publishing solutions into All-In-One Packages that include domain purchasing, web hosting, website design, and search engine marketing tools, all for one low price!

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PowWeb offers a low-cost, feature-rich web hosting platform that is suited to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users. Their all-inclusive “One Plan” takes the hassle out of finding the perfect hosting solution, and provides: 1,500 GB of Disk Space, 15,000 GB/Month Bandwidth, Load-Balanced Technology, Unlimited E-mail Boxes, Unlimited Domains per Account, Unlimited Subdomains, Secured SSL E-mail Included, Shared-SSL for E-commerce Web Sites, Auto-Install Over 50 Applications, Easy-to-Use Site Builder, 24/7 Phone, Chat, E-mail Support, and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for $4.88/month! (Click here to Host Unlimited Domains FREE when you purchase with PowWeb!!!)

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